Equity in schools and workplaces is an important goal that requires careful thought and experienced planning to achieve. Dr. Shawn Joseph can help you move towards equity in your school district or workplace. With his 24 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, and superintendent, he is an expert equipped to provide quality equity professional development for teachers.

Educate about Equity

Dr. Shawn Joseph is deeply invested in diversity and equity. As a Black business owner, he is also passionate about providing equity professional training for teachers, companies, and school districts. In addition to his work with companies, Dr. Joseph prioritizes providing every child with equal opportunities, especially in schools. Through equity professional development, Dr. Joseph knows that each child can have the opportunities they deserve in the classroom and school district. Dr. Shawn Joseph offers consulting services to help you move your districts or company towards greater equity in your school and workplace.

Learn What Services We Offer

Dr. Shawn Joseph offers consulting services in a variety of areas:
  • School district equity
  • Culturally relevant curriculum audits
  • Governance training
  • Strategic planning
  • Leadership training
  • Executive coaching
  • Business development
Our founder, Dr. Shawn Joseph, has the resources to make your consultation efficient and effective. No matter what needs your workplace or school has, he can provide optimal consulting personally tailored to your specific situation. With his executive experience and network of superintendents who support business development, he can find practical solutions for you to increase equity in your business or school.

Contact Dr. Shawn Joseph Today

Dr. Shawn Joseph, Ed.D., is an experienced educator dedicated to fighting for equity and better opportunities for students. During his time as the superintendent of the Metro Nashville Public Schools, he led a movement for equity and helped to improve student academic performance.   If you are a company or school that needs support with equity, please reach out. Message Dr. Joseph on Facebook or LinkedIn today.